Please use this form to request access to an ASAP Services POC environment. Upon completion of this form, you will be contacted by Spanugo with details to begin the validation.


  • For on-premise environments, collector is expected to have access to a network card in the same network as the other POC objects.
  • For cloud environments, collector is expected to have access to the cloud environment as well as access to other POC objects for collecting data needed for control validations.
  • For both cloud and on-premise environments, the collector is expected to have access to the Spanugo SaaS portal through https (443) access.


For cloud environments, you have to grant access to the Collector for it to collect information from your environment. The necessary information is input in the Controller and stored there, encrypted. When needed, the Controller sends this information to the Collector to use for probing the environment. The Collector only caches this information and never writes the credential information to any local storage.

  • Credentials are needed to login to Windows and Linux Servers
  • If databases are part of POC, credentials are required for access to these objects as well.


  1. Upon completing the forms above and pressing the Submit button, you can expect the following to happen.
    Your information will be sent to Spanugo and you, will be contacted to validate the information and clarify any open issues.
  2. We will work with you to schedule a call with you and the customer, within 3 business days, to finalize the details of the POC and gather any final, required information.
  3. Upon receipt of all of the relevant information we will schedule a POC kick-off call, within 7 business days, for all parties and launch the POC process.

Upon completion of the POC, we will provide our analysis report for your POC environment

A Spanugo Services Representative will make contact to complete the POC process!