Cybersecurity Assurance

Risk, Cybersecurity and Compliance Management for the Hybrid Cloud

Virtually every day brings the latest security incident making the news. A loss of sensitive data devastates organizational reputation and leads to heads rolling in IT Security. But 90+% of security compromises are avoidable incidents – the result of non-compliant security controls. This situation exists because IT Security staff has the virtually impossible task of implementing robust security in a heterogeneous, fast-changing environment with inadequate tools and staff. As companies move to hybrid environments driven by Digital Transformation business strategies, the problem just gets harder.

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Primary drivers for security policy management

Reduce Risk

Meet Customer Expectations

Pass Compliance & Audit

Spanugo develops solutions for this security assurance challenge. Our goal is helping ensure that security is actually implemented as intended. We know that effective security must be:


Security applied across the entire attack surface and protecting all data repositories


Attacks can happen at any time, and compliance requirements are increasingly requiring proof of continuous control activity, not point in time audit results


Security controls must be applied the same way over time, and offer similar protection across heterogeneous infrastructure​

In an ideal world, the right combination of People, Process and Platform (technology) should provide assurance of security. But the burgeoning IT footprint, some of it in the shadows and the fast paced changes in technology make the 3Ps unreliable. Also, most organizations have to stitch together fragmented, siloed tools and scripts with manual processing to test their security. Besides being expensive and inefficient, it meets none of the key requirements described above.
Many factors inhibit Cybersecurity Assurance

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

The implementation of a policy in multiple environments and lack of a single solution across all of them make this difficult

Constant Change

Constant Change

Digitization demands rapid changes – but processes and tools for verification of changes can’t support this rate of change.

Agile / DevOps

Agile / DevOps

DevOps shortens time and steps between dev and deployment – limiting options to catch an error. Every step, including post deployment security checks must be automated

Compliance & Audit

Compliance & Audit

Audit and Compliance checks are largely manual and assume an annual cycle – out of step with Agile that assumes multiple changes in a week



With increased digitization the scale of IT resources has exploded – demanding a rethinking about how their security postures can be validated.

Staff Limitations

Staff Limitations

Verifying IT postures is not interesting work – requires patience, diligence, knowledge and willingness to do repetitive work.

Introducing the Spanugo ASAP solution

The Spanugo Automated Security Assurance Platform (ASAP) revolutionizes security policy validation. It was designed specifically to overcome the challenges with current approaches, thereby decreasing risk and lowering operational overhead. 

Unlike the fragmented approach generally used today, ASAP

  • Automates all aspects of security policy management, including automating control discovery;
  • Supports traditional on-premises, cloud IaaS/PaaS, and SaaS architectures;
  • Manages consistent, continuous policy checks across the environment;
  • Includes regulatory and best practice controls sets including PCI, HIPAA, NIST and CIS “out of the box”;
  • Is extensible to leverage existing technology investments and support new application and infrastructure quickly without software coding or scripting.
Spanugo puts an end to the futile task of manually verifying that security systems are actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Our solutions improve security, free-up staff for higher value activities, and drive security agility in support of business transformation.

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