Cybersecurity – Hygiene is the Problem

This article corroborates what we are hearing from our customers: They all have people and processes dedicated to addressing basic IT security hygiene, yet things still fall through the cracks because of

  1. Lack of implementation of security hygiene especially for the cloud, including lack of availability of automation tools.  Shortage of skilled IT security personnel exacerbates the problem further.
  2. Complexity in the environment – different IAAS, PAAS, SAAS environments, including support for multi-cloud environments,  in addition to their existing on-prem.
  3. Sheer number of resources that need to be checked – some of them have 100,000’s of resources across VMs, network devices, databases, containers, etc. .
  4. Velocity and frequency of Change(s), including lack of visibility in the cloud.
  5. Shared responsibility model from the cloud service providers puts part of the burden for protecting the cloud infrastructure on the end customer.

Spanugo is a global leader in providing Cybersecurity Posture Assurance for the enterprise hybrid cloud through automated discovery, assessment, analysis, monitoring and remediation.

The good news is that Spanugo addresses these automatically, comprehensively, continuously and consistently. Spanugo helps protects your IT assets across the enterprise hybrid cloud by delivering continuous cybersecurity assurance, compliance and risk management. Specifically, it provides the following:

  • Breadth – on-prem, cloud, and SaaS like O365,
  • Depth – cloud postures, O/S, DB, Network assets etc.,
  • Flexibility –  pick an environment and based on its risk profile assign the policy and validation frequency
  • Extensible platform – easily add new standards – even internal / custom ones, IT and even non-IT resources

In addition, Spanugo can also checks against different points in time, drift analysis, ability to support compound checks etc..

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