Imagine a world in which building and maintaining a secure IT infrastructure is a breeze. A world in which you can readily provide answers to questions that keep CIOs and CISOs awake at night. Is my infrastructure secure? Will a security incident at my company put us on the front page of the newspaper? Am I vulnerable to the data compromise that got another CIO and CISO fired and almost bankrupted the company?

Building such a world is not trivial. There are many threat vectors, and these keep evolving. Enterprises use a variety of security products to protect themselves. But have they configured them correctly? Enterprises have to be agile in this new world of hyper-digitization. So, infrastructure keeps expanding and evolving to meet this need. Does security have to take a back seat to support agility? Or can we help adapt and reconfigure security products to keep up with this pace.

It is possible to build such a world. A world where intent (security) gets transferred to infrastructure design that matches the intent. And conversely, you can easily and simply assess the security posture of different environments – quickly and continuously.

If you are excited about creating such a world, come join us. You will get a chance to:

  • Take natural language text and understand the security intent behind that
  • Translate intent to a form that can be used in APIs and programs
  • Read and interpret configurations to understand what infrastructure components and applications are doing
  • Store time series information from configurations and logs. Analyze large volumes of unstructured data to glean actionable intelligence from them

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