Security Gap Analysis

Security Gap Analysis for Maintaining Cybersecurity Posture

Maintaining cybersecurity posture is key to avoiding data breaches, and gap analysis is instrumental in this. Cybersecurity posture is akin to proper posture with your body, which helps to avoid short-term and long-term injuries. The term refers to an organization’s position with respect to protecting data. It also indicates the

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medical record cybersecurity

The Spanugo Solution: Fortifying Your Medical Record Cybersecurity

As we’ve previously discussed, medical record cybersecurity is fraught with peril. To begin with, the black market value of medical records is higher than other records. This creates the incentive for hackers to commit medical record theft. Moreover, the complexity and surface attack area of healthcare systems present numerous routes for hackers to exploit. Consequently, healthcare cybersecurity needs to be ready for different plans of attack.

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